Reviews: Ducktales, Saucer State & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from IDW – including Ducktales #1


It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Duck Tales comic – it may have even been in French, as I used to look for any excuse to read while I was on holiday. I loved the original TV series, but haven’t had a chance to watch the latest one. So I went into this book with an open mind!
First up, there are an excellent amount of variant covers for this issue, I really like the cover art and the style of them all – the main cover stands out too!
We get two stories in this issue – the first being “The Chilling Secret of the Lighthouse” Although it”s not really a ‘chilling secret’, it is a fun read, with a mystery for Donald and the boys to solve. Well…the boys do – Donald is more concerned with getting the water working and cleaning the lighthouse. The boys use their skills and the find something…. It’s good humored and tracks really well. the art is crisp and fun to read too!
The second story is “The Great Experiment of the Washing Machine” it’s a bit off the wall, but a good sciencey type story. There are some random parts too, like the daycare, but that makes it fun! The pace of this one is faster too, with some fun scenes.

The trial of Krang really kicks off here, with the witnesses brought to the trial after the adventures around Dimension X. This issue is a little bit wordy in the middle, but the beginning kicks off in a really high gear with a space battle and escape!
Krang seems pretty confident and his lawyer does a good job of taking apart the defense witnesses – until the prosecution springs a surprise on them all. This surprise doesn’t have an immediate effect though as there is another attack to deal with. I like the Judge and there is an interesting point with him at the end though. We also get a deal with the Triceratops, which is probably going to be a problem down the line for those of Dimension X and the turtles.
This issue carries the story well, but looks to have added in a couple of new factors which will drag the arc along a bit longer…

We are really peaking here, and I found this issue better than the last as things are really happening. Well, I say ‘really’ but to a point I’m still not so sure. Aliens yes, but what aliens? I don’t know, so we get a nice split between the White house and the the desert, as we get a look at an ‘alien’ (I don’t know, maybe?) This was fun, with some really good humour and some serious parts too. The flying bed is dealt with quickly and properly, and the meeting with the Generals was really well told. I’m enjoying the art too – this issue has some more ‘trippy’ elements in it!

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