Reviews: Go West, Doppelganger, Zero Jumper & Tinseltown

Go West #3, Doppelganger #4, Zero Jumper #2 & Tinseltown #2

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Alterna Comics


GO WEST #3 of 3

(W) Garrett Gunn

(A) Saint Yak, Sean Forney

(L) HdE

With the help of old allies, Slade and Lillian lead an all-out assault on Creep and his men. Unfortunately for them, Creep fights dirty.

Completing this arc, it’s trail of vengeance is over. Who survives? not many, but those who deserve it, get it! I liked the fight scenes, well told and very well shown, the colouring and shades are very well done. There is a possibility of some more from some of these characters, and I would like to see more from them, as well as spin-offs of the others?
An excellent conclusion!


(W/L) Jordan Hart

(A) Emmanuel Xerx Javier

The end is here and Death is knocking on Dennis’ door. One thing is certain, someone’s going to be dead by the end of this issue. This jaw-dropping conclusion is so shocking that it’ll leave you seeing double!

That was an amazing finish – I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it all ends! This was well told and very well done. I did wonder what the master plan was, and it is a clever idea! The way everything (mostly) was wrapped up, plus a nice twist of the knife at the end! An excellent series, with some real emotional investment!


(W) David Lucarelli

(A) Henry Ponciano

(L) HdE


Abigail’s first day proves to be a matter of life and death as she finds out that a movie studio after dark can be filled with real danger! Tinseltown is perfect for fans of crime noir stories filled with action and mystery!

There’s a lot happening in this issue, with a real feel of the studio and all the things going on. We also get more characters added to the mix, and the commentary makes this a very interesting read.
I especially like the reaction of the LAPD, and the others around the studio – it really gives a feel of another world!

Things may not be what they seem though, so I am interested in where this goes…..


(W/A/L) Patrick Mulholland

Juno’s quest for the crystal leads her to an abandoned city, but she is not alone. Word has traveled fast and others are tracking her down in an attempt to end her mission – and her life.

Juno seems to have some help, but things are not going to plan! This issue gives us a better look at the threat Juno faces, and perhaps a reason behind the destruction of the human race. As per the last issue, this issue has a lot of action and well drawn scenes, the alien landscapes and worlds are excellent!

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