Reviews: DuckTales, Atomic Robo & The Dawn Of A New Era & The Spider King: Frostbite

Thoughts on this weeks comics from IDW – including Ducktales #16, a new Atomic Robo series and a one shot of the Spider King – Frostbite

DuckTales #16

Webby Vanderquack has a big problem: She’s shrinking right before everyone’s eyes! Find out why-and how-in the action-packed two-part tale, “The Incredible Shrinking Webby!”
More adventures featuring your favorite characters from DuckTales!

A special two-part story focusing on Webby Vanderquack!

Steve Behling – Writer
Gianfranco Florio – Artist
Marco Ghiglione – Cover Artist
Christina Stella – Variant Cover Artist
DuckTales #16

“The Incredible Shrinking Webby” is another long part story in this series of tales.

Webby is feeling down – not only does her Uncle and the boys seem to overshadow her, but she’s also found out that her gran was a secret agent. Luckily an opportunity arises. As usual it was from an invention gone awry!
This was a fun read, with some nice meta jokes and panel transitions. I enjoyed this one more than the other long stories form this series, and I am glad to see Webby get more time!

Atomic Robo & The Dawn of a New Era #1

No more sci-fi catastrophes for Atomic Robo. This is now a quiet series about the charming antics and sitcom misunderstandings that happen at a boarding school for future Action Scientists. Also, Robo’s hiding a secret AI son in the basement? Bye! Celebrating 10 years of Atomic Robo! It’s the dawn of a? wait a second? the title says it all! Robo as a teacher and a dad?! Heck yeah!

Brian Clevinger – Writer
Scott Wegener – Artist, Cover Artist
Thom Zahler – Variant Cover Artist

This is really a new era! We get some new students/staff for the team, and the fallout from all the adventures gives Robo a chance to reevaluate. I really enjoyed this read. This was a very smooth read and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start reading Atomic Robo! robo seems to be more involved, of course he has his own side projects, but he’s meeting the new people and looking after the old! I liked the discussions about this history of science and some interesting facts come out. Robo has a nice quote about humans and robots still being people.
Hopefully that will resonate!
An excellent first issue!

The Spider King: Frostbite

Viking warriors Hrolf, Sigrid, and the Laxdale clan continue their war against the alien invaders, traipsing across medieval Europe. Frostbite picks up where the last Spider King volume ended, as the clan make their way through an ominous snowstorm and are attacked by swarms of biting, fighting, talking animals. 

Josh Vann – Writer
Simone D’Armini – Artist, Cover Artist
Declan Shalvey – Variant Cover Artist
Xurxo G. Penalta – Variant Cover Artist

I’m so glad to see the return of The Spider King – even if this is just a one-shot.
Hrolf, Sigrid, and the Laxdale clan a traping their way across the frozen land, dealing with the aliens where they can. This time though they come across an interesting problem. They thought they were finding shelter, but they found something else. This being can control all the forest creatures – bears, wolves, birds and more! It’s a pretty scary predicament, but the team have a plan. It’s well done and although this was a longer read, it didn’t feel like it – even with a nice backup story too!
Hopefully there will be more Spider King in the future!

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