Review: Transformers #9

Some thoughts on the latest issue of Transformers from IDW Publishing

Transformers #9

Time is running out! Orion Pax, his friends, and the Autobot security forces have to get a grip on their murder investigations as their superior, Sentinel Prime, makes his return to Cybertron!

Brian Ruckley (Author) • Umi Miyao (Cover Artist) • Angel Hernandez (Artist) • Anna Malkova (Artist) • Joana Lafuente (Colorist)

It looks like we’re getting to the bottom of Megatron’s plan (if it is his) Things are starting to click together as Prowl makes some inquiries and gets some interesting information. Bumblebee finds out similar information too, and I wonder what that means to him. Meanwhile the security team are under Cybertron and find out what’s happening there – that also doesn’t end well!
No Orion Pax in this issue, but I’m sure he will be back – this was a very interesting issue and adds a lot of action and ‘bot on ‘bot fighting -the first real stand up fights.

Roll on two weeks!

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