Review: Legacy Of Mandrake The Magician #1

A new series from Red 5 Comics – this series takes a legacy character and adds a new twist.

King Features, Red 5 Comics, and StoneBot Studios cast a spell this October as they present a new take on the classic comic strip Mandrake The Magician in an all-new comic book series! Mandy Paz is by all appearances an ordinary teenager just trying to make her way through high school. If she seems like she’s going out of her way to avoid attention, that’s because she’s hiding a big secret-she has powerful magical talents. So, when strange and sinister things start happening in her small town, Mandy decides to take action. And on her quest to chase down the root of the town’s trouble she just might discover the truth about her own legacy.

(W) Erica Schultz (A) Diego Giribaldi, Juan Pablo Massa (CA) Amelia Vidal

Although i missed out on the issue #0 of this series, this looks to be a good reboot of a character I know. I’m aware of Mandrake the Magician (Saturday mornings watching ‘Defenders of the Earth) and all those characters I enjoyed.
This issue adds a little twist, with Mandy taking on the magical legacy of Mandrake.
She’s got some supporting cast too – her mother (who has some ability) her friends and a rival at school.

There’s also her man in the mirror. He seems to be teaching her in the ways of magic, but I get the impression that he doesn’t have her best intentions at heart.

Nevertheless, this was a fun issue #1 with some good introductions of the magic and the people involved – it even has a nice teaser for things yet to come. They don’t look good.

The art is excellent, with some excellent art and colour choices – this links in with some good lettering which makes us know who is who.

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