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Below are the latest releases for Android by Robot Comics:

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Empty Chamber cover 

Aamer “Matt” Mahtganee is a nobody, a geek conspiracy theorist who suddenly finds himself the target of a real conspiracy!  He and his lone mercenary protector are the country’s only hope in stopping a renegade American general from committing a puzzling genocide – one without firing a single bullet, releasing a bomb, or shedding one drop of blood.  By award-winning writer A. David Lewis (The Lone and Level Sands, Mortal Coils) and artist Jason Copland with grayscales by Jennifer Rodgers.  An action-oriented thriller in the vein of 24.

  • Title: Empty Chamber #1 of 3
  • Credits: A. David Lewis (writer) / Jason Copland (illustrator) / Jennifer Rodgers (grayscales)
  • Publisher: Robot Comics
  • Price: Free
  • Screens: 151

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Spadefoot cover 

An unlikely hero is called upon to free the universe from the clutches of one nasty space salamander.  But will Spadefoot and his Misfit Marauders have what it takes to overcome the obstacles they face along the way to the ultimate showdown? By Xeric Award Winner, Matt Dembicki (Xoc, Mr. Big) and Andrew Cohen. 

“A good old-fashioned space opera.” –Dave Sim 

  • Title: Spadefoot #1 of 4
  • Publisher: Robot Comics
  • Screens: 120

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