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Darkchylde: Legacy 01

Series Overview:
Darkchylde is the hit series about a cursed southern teen who can become any of the creatures from her many recurring nightmares. Haunted by horrible, yet strangely familiar dreams, and forced by her unsympathetic father to move yet again to a new town, beautiful but shy Ariel Chylde hoped to find in Salem, GA what had eluded her elsewhere.

But what Ariel doesn’t know is that her nightmares are more real, and more deadly than she ever dared imagine. And that a dark secret she’s carried inside all her life is about to break free, setting in motion a chain reaction that threatens to engulf the one quiet town of Salem with an ancient and terrible evil.

Darkchylde: Legacy # 01
Ariel’s class is graduating without her, and only her ghost remains in Salem. New phantoms appear on the outskirts of town in the form of an old, traveling Carnival. But the lights and sounds of the unknown bring with it secrets to match Ariel’s own…

Darkchylde: Redemption 01

Danger draws near, and Ariel can feel it all around. Something is killing the children from the carnival. Something with an ancient appetite not easily satiated. Something Ariel is determined to destroy in a way only she can…

Darkchylde 01

On the eve of Ariel’s Birthday, and the dawn of her first day at Salem High, something sinister circles. And it will hitchhike over on Ariel’s very flesh and blood as her Nightmarish curse finally reveals itself. This is the one that started it all.

Darkchylde Sketchbook 2004

A curious, and copious collection of raw, and beautiful pencil renderings of Ariel Chylde over the years by her creator, Randy Queen.

Dreams of the Darkchylde 01

Young Ariel and her best friend Kiley explore dense autumn woods as a blood red sun stains the horizon. Darkness was falling, but they were safe in the knowledge that no possible harm would befall them. But something in the forest had already decided one of them would die.

Darkchylde 0

Ariel is dead. Or believed to be. She is without friends (at least, of the human variety), she is without parents, and she is without solace. As gentle rain breaks over the forests of Salem, Ariel contemplates an ominous, uncertain future.

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