Robot Comics: Forums, New Reader and New Comic…


Robot Comics have been updating!
New Logo (above) as well as re-vamping their website. Admittedly, this could have happened a while ago, as I get most from their RSS!

Now with so many users Robot Comics have opened their own forums for people who use their readers on iPhone and Android!

With more than 150.000 users and counting it was about time that we opened a forum forDroid Comic Viewer, the leading Android comic and manga reader.

The Droid Comic Viewer forums will give Droid Comic Viewer community an official and open channel to requests features, report bugs, and get involved, be it users, comic book creators or Android developers.

Droid Comic Viewer is what it is thanks to its awesome community. Through these brand new forums we hope to help its community grow and make Droid Comic Viewer better.

Visit and let us know how can we improve Droid Comic Viewer, or help us do it yourself.

Also updated is the new version of the Droid Comic Reader for Android:

A new version of Droid Comic Viewer (ACV), the free comic, manga and image viewer for Android mobiles, was released today and is now available in the Android Market,AndAppStore and soon AppsLib.

Download for Android

Version 1.3.10 includes usability and performance upgrades, bug fixes and a new auto-bookmarking feature. The most significant changes are:

  • Auto-bookmarking: remembers last read position of all viewed files
  • Renamed SD Browser setting group to Memory
  • New Memory > Clear history setting to clear all viewing history (auto-bookmarks in particular)
  • Share this screen now shares the screen, not the image file
  • New Support > Low memory setting to disable pre-loading and transitions. Might help for some files that cause out of memory errors.
  • Improved memory management to decrease like-hood of out of memory errors
  • Added ACV mime type to supported intents
  • For the iPhone, they have released an App for the web comic ‘Yellow Peril’

    Robot Comics presents Yellow Peril, the first sitcom starring an Asian American! Download the free and official app for the office romance comedy webcomic by Jamie Noguchi (Erfworld).

    Graphic designers Kane and Bodie try to stay sane while working at creative factory Pedanticorp.

    A task which becomes increasingly difficult with the arrival of the new Art Director, corporate clone Steve, who has a passion for unbillable meetings and enforcing the dress code.

    Joined by nearby restaurant owner Julie and new project manager Ally, these four friends will deal with the ever unreliable metro, fermented soy beans, impossible deadlines, incomprehensible client specs, and the emerging feelings between each other.

    • Title: Yellow Peril
    • Price: Free

    Available on the iPhone App Store


    Yellow Peril is available for download on the following platforms:

    iPhone/iPod touch

    Click on the button below to open Yellow Peril on the iTunes App Store. RequiresiTunes.

    iTunes button


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