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Comixology have released a new batch of comics from all publishers. The whole list can be found here. Included in that list is the 2nd volume of Box 13, which I would highly recommend. Contained in the list is the usual amount of free #1’s and previews…

American Splendor #1 (of 4)

Following the success of his critically praised graphic novel THE QUITTER, Harvey Pekar returned to Vertigo with this all-new, four-issue AMERICAN SPLENDOR miniseries, celebrating 30 years of the series that first showed how, as Harvey would say, “ordinary life can be pretty complex stuff.”

Cover By: Glenn Fabry

Writer: Harvey Pekar

Art By: Hilary Barta, Greg Budgett, Dean Haspiel, Ty Templeton

Inks: Gary Dumm

Box 13 Vol. 2 #2: The Pandora Process

After a series of harrowing ordeals, Dan finally uncovers the secrets behind the Nursery! As secrets are revealed, Dan finds himself caught in the vicious shadow of BOX 13!

Writer: David Gallaher

Art By: Steve Ellis

Gears of War #1

The best-selling video game franchise arrives in comic book stores with a blast! The opening six-issue arc of this new ongoing series bridges the end of the first Gears of War game and the start of the second one, following the brutal adventures of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad in the battle against the Locust!
What happened after the Lightmass Bombing and how did the Locust react to this devastating weapon?

Writer: Joshua Ortega

Art By: Liam Sharp

In Maps & Legends: Preview #1

Special Preview!
Kaitlin Grayson considers herself just an artist until she gets recruited by a strange man named Bartamus, who shows up at her place in the middle of the night and demands she use her skills to save his dying world. Soon Kait gets caught between two worlds, and if Bartamus’ world falls, Earth is next – along with untold other worlds.

Writer: Michael Jasper

Art By: Niki Smith

The Origin of Nightwing #1

Nightwing’s origin is explained!

Writer: Mark Waid

Art By: George Perez

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Review: Hawk The Slayer #5

August 10, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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