Link: Comixology Panel @ Baltimore Comic-Con

Comics Worth Reading have a write up about the Comixology panel at Baltimore Comic Con:

Discussing the effect of digital comics on the general market, everyone seemed more optimistic. Steinberger talked about going around to the various conventions and trade shows earlier in the year to allay people’s fears of digital comics. What he’s noticed is the opposite. He’s heard stories of someone going to a local comic shop and buying every Walking Dead trade because they’d read part of it on their site.

Chip Mosher seemed to think the market would ultimately decide whether digital comics had a future or not. Right now, everyone is trying a bunch of different things and seeing what works. He didn’t think that was a bad approach necessarily, but it would take awhile to coalesce.

Mosher also went on an interesting tangent on comics reading. Best estimates right now have regular month-to-month comics readers at around 300,000. Comics aren’t sold in the corner drug store or 7-11 anymore, so they’re not as ubiquitous. Aside from television, there aren’t that many examples of serialized stories these days. Serialized novels are fairly rare, aside from Stephen King’s more recent experiments. So new comics readers frequently don’t have a frame of reference.

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