DC Comics: Sleeper, Telara Chronicles & Black Canary

DC Comics have released their latest comics on your mobile device, including a spotlight on Sleeper: Season 1 issues #1-3.

Written by: Ed Brubaker; Art by: Sean Phillips; Cover by: Sean Phillips

When your only friends are enemies and all the good guys think you’re a traitor, how far will you go to survive? Holden Carver, also known as the Conductor, is one of the scariest people in the entire world. An elite member of an organization of post-human criminals, Holden has seen and done things most people only glimpse in their darkest nightmares. He’s sold alien technology to terrorists, he’s killed innocents and sold their souls on the Internet, and he’s about to come face to face with the true secrets of life on Earth. There’s just one problem—Holden is actually a deep-cover agent, and the only person who knows he’s really one of the good guys is lying in a coma in a secret government base. Now Holden is on his own in enemy territory with no way out!

Other DC Comics on sale this week:

  • Batman #679
  • Bayou #10
  • Birds of Prey #69-70
  • Black Cherry Bombshells #3
  • Ex Machina #14
  • Fables #29
  • Gears of War #9
  • Green Arrow #14
  • Green Lantern #11
  • Hellblazer #10-11
  • JLA #15-16
  • Justice League of America #8-10
  • Justice Society of America #5-8
  • Melody #3
  • Night Owls #7
  • Planetary #13
  • Power Girl #5
  • Sleeper: Season One #1-3
  • Starman #4-6
  • Superman/Batman #33
  • Supernatural: Beginning’s End #4
  • Telara Chronicles #1
  • The Origin of Black Canary #1
  • The Sandman #18
  • Trick ‘r Treat #3
  • Wonder Woman #11-12
  • Y: The Last Man #12
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