Graphic.Ly: Iron Fist, 28 Days Later & Okko are releasing comics every day, this week they have spotlighted…

Immortal Iron Fist #1-14
Marvel Comics

This is the conclusion… Seven practitioners of kung fu, champing at the bit to bloody each other to a pulp. A rogue Hydra cell, intent on destroying K’un-Lun from Earth, loads its terror train and prepares to fire it through a warp in space-time. A schism in the leadership of K’un-Lun threatens to tear the city in two. The original Heroes for Hire, outgunned, and outmanned. And Davos, the arch-rival of Iron Fist, wants to assassinate Danny Rand once and for all.

28 Days Later #13-14
BOOM! Studios

Selena and her crew are discovering it’s harder to tell the difference between the living and The Infected in the UK. Gangs of survivors are forming…and they’re ready to take down anyone who happens to enter their town. Not good if you’re three travelers who just found some supplies.

Okko Vol3: The Cycle of Air #1-2

A samurai whose father Okko killed many years ago seeks revenge, but the warrior chooses instead to confront a demon-hunting bunraku, who has his sights set on Okko’s longtime faithful companion, Noburo. The ronin and the hunter engage in an epic, violent duel, a duel that may well be Okko’s last

The full list of releases is as follows:


Gunnerkrigg Court #7

Mouse Guard Legends V1 #2-4

Okko Vol3: The Cycle of Air #1-2


Archie #600-603

BOOM! Studios

28 Days Later #13-14

CBGB #1-3

Hawks of Outremer #2

Scream Queen #2-5

Station #1-2

The Last One #1-2

Zombie Tales: Oblivion #1-2

Scream Queen #1

Carpe Chaos

Preview-Moments of Elation

Caryn A. Tate

Red Plains: Range War Part 2-4

Creators Edge

Scorn #4

Goodbum Studios

The Villain #1


Tribes #2

Tribes: The Dog Years TP

We Will Bury You #1


Blade #1-7

Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men #1 Part 2

Immortal Iron Fist #1-14

Journal into Mystery #86

Marvels #0

The Infinity Gauntlet #5-6

X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse #5-6

Old World

Nightclaw Prowler V1 #1-4

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