Graphic.Ly: Top Cow, Web and Android Beta

Graphic.Ly add new comics to their list every day. Lucky for us they also supply a list of what has been released so none may slip through the cracks.

Graphic.Ly also are starting Beta testing on android and web apps:

Android Beta: Folks have been yelling at us about an android app. By yelling, I mean seriously, phone calls, IMs, emails and sky writing about the need for an Android app. Well, we listened. As we always do, we are releasing our app early. So far it only is the reader and the collection. So what does that mean? You have to buy (or download free ones) in another app. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GRAPHICLY ACCOUNT WITH COMICS IN IT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS BETA.

And, fill out this short form that outlines all the important things about the Android Beta:

Web Beta: We have a beta of our web app, but here is the deal. You can test it only if you have a computer that is connected to the internet. And know how to turn it on. If you are interested, please send us an email to and we will get you into the beta.

They have also teamed up with Top Cow to bring us Pilot Season 2010!

GRAPHICLY PRESENTS: TOP COW PILOT SEASON 2010! Get Free Comics! Then vote on the ones you like the best! Top Cow will then tabulate all the votes and go with what you all love the most. How rad is that?

Here is the latest comics:


Days Missing V2 #1

Feeding Ground #1-2

Lucid #1-2

The Killer V2 #5-7

BloodFire Studios

Kindergoth Special #1

BOOM! Studios

Dracula TCOM #1-2

Farscape #02

Irredeemable #18

Pale Horse #4

Crack Comics

Killer Diller #1-2

Goodbum Studios

Hard-Bullied Comics #2

The Villain #2-4


Amazing Spider-Man #521

Ghost Rider #1-6

Incredible Hulk #6

Marvel Zombies V2 #2

Mighty Avengers #14

Ms Marvel #6

NYX #1-3

Powers #12-13

X-Force #1

X-Men #191, 204

X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong #4-5

X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse #2


Atlantis Rising #1-5

Rich Barrett

Nathan Sorry #1

Top Cow

Witchblade #3-8

Pilot Season 2008: Lady Pendragon #1

Pilot Season 2010: 39 Minutes #1

Pilot Season 2010: Asset #1

Pilot Season 2010: Crosshair #1

Pilot Season 2010: Forever #1

Pilot Season 2010: Seven Days From Hell #1

Pilot Season 2007: RipClaw #1

Pilot Season 2007: Velocity #1

Tracker #3

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