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Back in November 2009, IN MAPS & LEGENDS won the prestigious Zuda competition, hosted by DC Comics. The comic began life as a weekly webcomic at the Zuda site, until DC Comics shut down the Zuda site in July. Since that time, artist Niki Smith and writer Michael Jasper decided to publish the comic themselves, using a variety of online distributors to sell it.

And so came In Maps & Legends – in a variety of different ways! Readers can purchase, download, and read the first two issues of the ongoing, contemporary fantasy comic from a variety of quality online distributors, including, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and DriveThruComics. You can read the comic in a range of digital formats on multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad versions, plus versions for the Kindle, the Nook, and the Web (PDF, HTML, and Flash). Issues sell for $.99 each.

Kaitlin is a newly single freelance artist who is stuck in the rut of the well-paying, for-hire covers and maps she creates for fat fantasy novels.

But at night, driven by some strange compulsion, Kait has been working long hours on an intricate, mixed-media map of a place she’s never been, a map that covers all four walls of the window-less spare room she keeps locked next to her tiny bedroom. She’s not sure where the inspiration for the map comes from, but she can’t seem to help herself.

One cold night, Kait is visited by a disheveled man named Bartamus who claims to be from another world. He needs her to finish a map of his dying world so he can use his skills to save it. He doesn’t need someone with the ability to create a map from a satellite image or GPS data; he needs someone like Kaitlin, who he calls a true “world artist.”

For Kait, things like this happen in the books she illustrates so often that she feels like she knows what will happen next; she couldn’t be more wrong.

With some excellent pacing of a story and some amazing art, In Maps & Legends may be a breakout hit in the digital medium.
Check out the free preview over at Comixology

Michael Jasper can be found here and artist Niki Smith can be found here

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