Graphic.Ly: Love and Capes, Hack/Slash and more…

Graphic.Ly release their comics on a daily basis, so their comic releases are more retrospective, so you can see what has been released and not miss anything.

This week the #1 of the awesome series Love and capes has been released:

Love and Capes #1
IDW Publishing

Love and Capes #1

Abby and Mark are a typical couple. At least, that’s what Abby thinks. Unknown to her, her boyfriend is not just an accountant, but also the super-powered crime-fighter, the Crusader. See Mark tell Abby he’s The Crusader. Find out how Abby deals with some of his super-ex-girlfriends. And learn the difference between a weakness an an allergy. Experience their first Christmas and beyond.

The List for last week:

Andy Moore Designs

Don’t Panic #2


Veronica #172-175

Bernal Media

Parallaxium #1

Bluewater Productions

Fame: Kristen Stewart

Carpe Chaos:

Carpe Chaos: Filter Dregs

Devil’s Due

Hack/Slash #2-3

Goodbum Studios

Hard-Bullied Comics #3


Hard 8 V1


Love and Capes #1

Tribes #3-6

Jackalope Pictures

The Misadventures of Electrolyte and the Justice Purveyors #2

Lone Star Press

Cat’s Tale

O.G. Comics

Trench Foot #0, 3

The Scream Factory

Bump/Hack-Slash One Shot

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