Mobile Comics Year In Review: Comixology

As we come towards the end of the year, I am going to be reflecting on the state of mobile comics and the changes we have had over the last twelve months. I will be looking at distributors, contributors and publishers.

Comixology have started off well in this new medium, not only establishing themselves as a big player in the comic distributor scene, but also keeping themselves at the top and evolving as the year goes on.

Starting with a normal app, showing print releases, news and pull lists, Comixology developed their Comics app to distribute comics accross the iPhone platform. Initially in the UK, only the smaller companies were available, but this still allowed us to read and try comics which may not be available from our local comics shops.

Soon, not only Marvel, but DC was available in the UK with various fanfares as well. Comixology then entered the publishing side with the excellent series Box 13 and Moon Girl. With Box 13 becoming a worldwide hit and published in print by Red5.

Comixology then followed up this success by creating a web store, where you could read your app bought comics online, and also buy others.

To add to Comixology’s success their comics engine was then used by Image, Marvel, Boom! Studios and DC to create their own standalone apps.

Roaring into the end of the year, Comixology have released plans to allow developers and creators even more tools to release comics over their app and increase their market share.

Comixology still have a couple of blips, with some comics being released on the wrong dates (Ultimate Thor) and the Twitter rating still not working. They continue to be a market leader into 2011.

Comixology also seem to be readily available and able to answer their crtics and commenters with well rounded answers and solutions.

Their reading method with Guided Views accross the panels seem to have become an indusrty standard and giving creators new ways to create comics.

Comixology must beware, as there are other companies looking to usurp them (Graphic.Ly, Comics+) and others waiting for their moment of promise (Longbox?)

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