WOWIO: Top 10 Comics of December & New Comics

Here are the top ten comics available from WOWIO this month:

Top 10 Comics
1. Sore Thumbs 01
Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby
2. Velocity #1
Ron Marz, Kenneth Rocafort & Sunny Gho
3. Witchblade 80
David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, Michael Turner
4. Wanted 01
Mark Millar, J.G. Jones, Paul Mounts
5. Broken Trinity #1
Bryan Edward Hill, Rob Levin & Alessandro Vitti
6. Shrapnel Volume 01: Aristeia…
M. Zachary Sherman
7. The Road to Serfdom
Friedrich Hayek
8. Adventures of Chrissie Claus…
Shawn V. Wilson
9. ORK Lycantrophis 01
Marc Borstel
10. Cowboys & Aliens
Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley

The Latest Comics From WOWIO:
Coin Operated Boy

COIN OPERATED BOY: Genesis loves a good one-night-stand just like the next girl, but the emotional baggage her boy toys bring to the table is getting to be too much. She wants a love without complications and she’ll engineer the perfect boy to get it. Enter Daniel: Genie’s robotic creation.

COIN OPERATED GIRL: Sara thought she was a girl just like any other, but when the reality that she’s an android hits her, she hits back. Bursting out of the Oozora Tech building that she has called home her entire “life,” Sara escapes into an alien world.

Jake the Evil Hare – Week One

The product of genetic experiments, Jake is a small and ornery jackrabbit with a past full of violence and bad behavior. Determined to turn over a new leaf, Jake sets out to become a superhero. This is the tale of his first week in the hero business.

Harbor Moon

When Timothy Vance receives a call from a man claiming to be his long-lost father, he takes a trip to out-of-the-way Harbor Moon, Maine. But the man is nowhere to be found and unfortunately for Tim, the town doesn’t take very kindly to strangers. As he struggles to stay alive and learn the truth about his father, Tim discovers that Harbor Moon is protecting an incredible secret. And it turns out that Tim may have more in common with its residents than he could ever imagine….


Covert operative Claire Chartrand has a dozen guns pointed at her — and that’s the least of her worries! The same betrayal that lands her in an impossible situation during a critical mission also reveals Claire’s true occupation to her two identical sisters — a scientist and a model — who now discover that the company Claire works for is partially responsible for the professional success they thought they’d earned on their own. “3” tells the story of three identical looking but very different women who nearly lose each other, only to discover that, with their relationships stretched to their limits, they can each emerge triumphant by sticking together and finding a new way to work as a team.

The Hope Virus

Herbert is a social outcast at school and deals with his gloomy boredom through his website After struggling with fitting in at school and his unusual case of insomnia, Herbert falls into a deep coma. He awakens to realize that his blogs have become some of the most quoted and influential scriptures of history.

Helen, a young girl under rule of The Hope Virus Holdings (HVH), reveals to Herbert that his thoughts and journaling have lead to the worst oppression the world has even seen. Herbert now realizes that he must break the very world he created.

51 Delta

When Professor Simon vanished, the Air Force shanghaied the professor’s son to Groom Lake to take over the job of babysitting the “problem” residents of Delta Hanger. Now Kirby Simon has to not only process that aliens actually exist, but the fact his father has been running a refugee camp for them under Area 51 without the government’s knowledge and the acting up of the “Deltas” has been a cover for the alien’s plan to save the professor from his captors. A plan that involves Kirby leading them…whether he’s ready or not.

Ezra: Evoked Emotions

Normally Ezra is rogue mercenary for hire, but she has just embarked on a quest that becomes a personal mission to exorcise the demons in her closet from a long time ago. This full size trade collects Evoked Emotions numbers 1-3 as well as a new covers, pinups and more.

Kade: Red Sun

Ivan the Terrible has lorded over Russia for years, but deep inside his Russian aristocracy there is a demon embedded like a tick. Kade must enter the inner circle, discover who has deceived a Tsar and a nation and send that Fallen Angel back to the Abyss.


Martin Foley is the most cynical cop in New York. But when Foley arrives at the East Harlem social club to investigate a murder, he finds no shooter, no victim…. There are blood stains on the floor and thirty witnesses, who all agree what happened: The killer shot the victim six times in the chest at point blank range and ran. A stranger stepped out of the crowd, put his hands on the dead man’s face and the dead man came back to life. The stranger then disappeared into the crowd. And the witnesses are convinced the stranger is an Angel of God. But Foley doesn’t believe in miracles. He’s going to prove this is nothing more than an ordinary crime.

Olive Peril

When the CEO of the largest soap manufacturer in the United States dies, her only daughter, Olive, is left with quite the dilemma: she can marry her mother’s Evil Corporate Lawer, or she can put her fate in the hands of a ghostly child who claims to know a way out–of Earth. Olive takes her chances with the ghost and ends up on a strange planet, with even stranger company. Olive struggles to find both a way out of her marriage and the answer to why these aliens are so interested in helping her escape.

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