Review: Nathan Sorry

Nathan Sorry is a hapless investment analyst who was supposed to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11 but instead disappears with a new identity and $20 million that he has inadvertently stolen. Two months later he shows up in a small southern town, waiting for his opportunity to flee the country, but his shaky plan begins to unravel as he gets a little too involved with some of the town’s residents.

Nathan Sorry is a webcomic which has made the transition to Mobile comic. Published on Graphic.Ly issues #1 & #2 are available for $0.99. Right now, only #1 is available for purchase within the iPhone and iPad apps because it seems to take about a month to get through the iTunes approval process. And mine is a mature readers book so possibly that makes it take a little longer than others. Although if you have the desktop app or the Google Chrome app you can read it there or buy it online and then download it onto the iPhone.

This is an excellent series and well worth checking out – showing that good story telling doesn’t have to be about ‘tights’ or horror, but a good old fashioned thriller.

Speaking to Rich Barret, he has found a good fit with Graphic.Ly which allows him to choose his price point and his publicity.

In the past couple of months I have begun publishing it as a digital comic through I’ve had black and white minicomics printed of the first two issues previously to sell at conventions and local comic shops so it was fairly easy to make the jump into issue-based digital publishing even though my end-goal has always been a printed graphic novel.

Allowing creators to get their work seen by a larger audience is one of the key points about working with companies like Graphic.Ly. There are a lot of great creators out there with a story to tell – Just like Rich, and without this format, the audience would have been small.
Check out more of Nathan Sorry here

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