WOWIO: Top 10 Comics, Leviticus Cross & More

WOWIO have released their top 10 comics and their latest releases:

Top 10 Comics
1. Sore Thumbs 01
Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby
2. Velocity #1
Ron Marz, Kenneth Rocafort & Sunny Gho
3. Wanted 01
Mark Millar, J.G. Jones, Paul Mounts
4. Witchblade 80
David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, Michael Turner
5. Digital Visions 04
Sam Johnson, A. David Lewis, Karl Altstaetter & Robert Napton
6. Breakneck 02
Mark Bertolini, James Boulton, Matt Brown
7. +EV 01
Bobby Crosby and Tiger Claw
8. Broken Trinity #1
Bryan Edward Hill, Rob Levin & Alessandro Vitti
9. House of the Muses 01 – The…
Pam Harrison
10. Hunter-Killer 00
Mark Waid & Marc Silvestri

Leviticus Cross: Shadows of the Heart Prologue

Prehistoric Earth is an unforgiving land from which every present day legend, story, religion, and myth has its roots. Our story begins in one of these legendary cities, the city of Asgard.

Asgard was a city full of immortal life and heroes, some of whom would be the protagonist of stories passed down for generations among the mortal Gaelic tribes.

Unlike the legends of old Asgard is not a kingdom of the heavens; rather one city in a network of immortal hosts who’s secret kingdoms once graced the land of our world at a time when the empires of mortals began to blossom into existence.

The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit

Busting loose from the pages of his long-running webcomic, Ian McDonald brings you this collection of the very first misadventures of mercenary hero Bruno the Bandit. Join Bruno, his microdragon sidekick Fiona, and a varied cast of characters who populate Rothland in a quest for fortune and adventure as some of the best comics on the web become some of the funniest comics in self-publishing.

Peter & Max: A Fables Novel

Set in the imaginative realm of the award-winning comic book series FABLES, the book takes place long ago, in the deepest dark of The Black Forest. Two brothers — Peter Piper and his older brother Max — encounter ominous forces that change them both irreparably. Thus begins an epic tale of sibling rivalry, magic, music and revenge that spans medieval times to the present day, when their deadly conflict surfaces in the placid calm of modern day Fabletown.
PETER & MAX: A FABLES NOVEL features the prose of award-winning comic book writer Bill Willingham and the lush ink drawings of FABLES artist Steve Leialoha. The novel also reveals secrets of some of the regular FABLES series cast members including Bigby Wolf, Frau Totenkinder and Bo Peep. Also included is an 8-page sequential story by Willingham and Leialoha that serves as a bridge to the FABLES titles.

Phineus: Magician for Hire / The Dormont Horror

Phin and Sara face a strange man and and extra-dimensional terror in this loosesly retold version of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror.” A 24 hour comic!

Phineus: Magician for Hire / Phineus 2022

The year is 2022 and Phineus is asked to find an old friend. The plot thickens as an ancient enemies plans bring Phineus and his new allies into a dangerous trap.

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