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Brigid: Let’s start with a retailer who has a website. Basically, you will set up a storefront that has the retailer’s name on it but is really an iVerse website on the back end, much like comiXology does, correct?

Michael: I can’t speak to how anyone else’s programs will ultimately function, but in concept they will be similar, yes. Two things I want to make clear about our program is that the the customer can stay on the retailer’s site to redeem their comics codes, buy new comics, and read the comics they have purchased. Our sites will also work with a retailer’s online payment methods so that they receive the money from the transaction when it happens—just like their online and in-store sales right now.

Brigid: If a retailer doesn’t have a website, the sales go through iVerse. Would they go through the iTunes store in that case? If not, how would you avoid that?

Michael: Apple requires that if you sell something outside of their market place that you give them the opportunity to sell it through In-App-Purchase as well. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re not necessarily trying to go around Apple because of some level of dissatisfaction. Quite the contrary actually. We’re very happy with Apple, and we’ve had a great relationship for the last several years. We’ll continue to work with Apple, and several other large OS providers, to make sure we’re offering a compelling product on their platforms…and with over 4 million downloads of iVerse powered products, we’re pretty happy with the audience iOS has brought us. The question is how do you turn that audience into a Direct Market audience? The news stand audience was converted—I’m a living example of that—we believe that a good portion of the digital audience will be the same. We’re going to do everything we can to bring those people into the stores, and we expect they’ll be interested in both digital and physical goods when they get there.

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