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If you want to market a new digital comic, and stand out from the crowd, then this is the way. Septagon Studios have gone all out to make this release of new comic, Gator Butch stand out from the crowd.

With 10 additional extras to add to the pack, you certainly get value for money.

Added to this an excellent marketing stratagy, a video and a free art pack – you can’t go wrong!

  • Check out the press release here
  • Check out the preview here

In all it gives me a hell of a lot to look at – not that I mind, and I shall give you some comments on it all below.

Gator Butch is the story of Charles “Gator Butch” Buchinsky, a mutant half-human, half-alligator country boy and licensed ‘Monster Fighter’. When Gator Butch agreed to find a runaway teenager, he never expected his job to lead him into an encounter with the River Children, the most feared band of criminals in his little Kentucky town of Doghole. The Kentucky Police won’t get involved but they may not have a choice when Butch discovers that the river children are being led by a familiar face from his past, a face that has a scheme to terrorize Doghole and settle and old score.

Gator Butch is a fever dream of a comic, with an action packed beginning and an excellent cliffhanger ending. The art is amazing. I have to admit, I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy this comic as much as this – turns out I was wrong (don’t tell the wife!) The art just fits with it all – the warped versions of Gator and the River Children are amazing – the River Children themselves were something I really didn’t expect, but then so was most of this comic.

The writing is lovely and tight – there are some flowing scenes here which add to the rhythm of the art. We get the standard introduction in a non-standard way, some voices, a broad and some excellent characters which I’m sure we will see more of.

In all, as just the comic alone – this is an excellent purchase and deserves to be read.

Now – lets have a look at the extras!

  • The Monstrous Sum of Particulars – This is a 39 page book of art by David Hollenbach. As well as seeing the amazing art in the comic, you get to see all this too, and it is well worth it! There are some amazing pieces here which when seen on the screen look great and have me salivating at the thought of a flick book of them all!
  • An interview with Kurt Belcher – You usually get these at then end of a creators run, or the beginning. They are usually too short and not tell you much. In this case you get 8 pages and some insights into the creator, the character and the story
  • An interview with David Hollenbach – Again, a good interview, 5 pages of talking with the artists about his methods and his inspirations
  • Desktop backgrounds – 3 different sizes, 5 different designs. All with the amazing art from the comic.
  • 3 tracks from Stawman music – This is different too
  • An 8 Page preview of Masks – and boy it looks a little creepy!
  • A Beer Book – Yes really! A 600 page on brewing your own beer! This I did not expect!
  • Phone Skins – 14 designs from the comic – Will look great on an iPhone!
  • A 17 Page Preview of Gun Street Girl – This looks like a fun comic, very 2000AD
  • A Preview of Optimum Wound – “For the people who left Comics after Preacher!”
  • A Preview of the Imagination Manefesto!
Thats a lot of extras to get your teeth into!


Kurt Belcher
Kurt Belcher was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. He was educated at the University of Kentucky, receiving a degree in drawing. He had his first comics story – both written and drawn by him – published in 2003, and has been published regularly since. He recently drew the OGN “Unimaginable”, to be published by Arcana Comics in December, 2010. He is currently writing and drawing “Winter War” for Earthbound Comics, and drawing “Stink” for writer Chuck Messinger at Creator’s Edge Press. He’s currently writing and drawing a number of short stories and pitches, both written by him and writers like Stephen “Jesus Hates Zombies” Lindsay, Michael “Phantom Jack” San Giacomo, and Sean “Gene Simmons’ Dominatrix” Taylor. He still resides in eastern Kentucky. has three dogs, and is thinking about writing a novel. For more info on Kurt and his latest projects you can follow him on and Deviant Art .

David Hollenbach
David Hollenbach’s work has appeared in many popular publications such as: Sports Illustrated, Time Asia, Forbes & Business Week. He has also appeared in Communication Arts illustration Annual, American Illustration, and has received a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators. He is an Illustrator that utilizes many tools in his arsenal. His work has a certain edge, depth and honesty that literally paints figures to life. For a closer look at David’s work check out .

Septagon Studios Inc.
Septagon Studios is a company focused on imaginative, innovative properties and concepts. We stand for creator freedom and artistic integrity. We embrace diversity with a major focus on art and inspirational storytelling that is exciting for the reader. Some of our projects include Scorn, Masks, and Work In Comics. We are all for helping comic creators and creator freedom. Catch up with our latest explorations into the world of comic creation on our blog. To learn more about Septagon Studios Publishing visit .

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