WOWIO: GCD, Parallel Dilemma & Vic Boone

Here are the latest comics released by WOWIO:
GCD: The Demo

The right melody can get stuck in a person’s head and leave then humming all day. The right lyrics can connect with someone in a way even their loved ones can’t. And the right note played at the right frequency and right volume can topple a city street. Yeah, music’s a pretty powerful thing. So when a world-wide battle of the bands is announced to crown the new King of Rock, you better believe it’s gonna be the concert event of the century. Get your tickets now, cause you are not gonna want to miss this show.

Parallel Dilemma 01

Parallel Dilemma is focused around Benjamin, 20 something year old man with a fiancée that went off to WWIII to fight for his country when his life dramatically changed. While fighting in the jungles of Korea, he spots a sniper in the distance and while trying to save his soldiers from their fatal destinies, he gets shot in the stomach. In the realization of what was happening, and all of the emotions from looking at a picture of his fiancée Benjamin utters a wish… that he was never there. After passing out from his wound Ben wakes up back in his apartment with his fiancée Jessica, one of the local television news reporters. Everything of that gloomy jungle is erased from everyone’s mind, except his and the Reapers. The Grim Reaper granted Benjamin’s wish with one price in mind… to ferry souls (to capture and transfer souls of the unliving into the afterlife) to repay the price of his own. Benjamin struggles with this newfound dilemma, battling his job of ferrying souls and to his instinct of saving lives. Through his dilemma, he must try to live his normal life which includes his day job and his planning of his wedding and future wife.

Vic Boone: Stumptown Files

Vic Boone origin, Vic Boone short — How he got the white streak and a preview Issue 1!

Infinites 01

“This is a tale of worlds, of realities, and of the champions who have banded together to save them.”

As part of our ongoing 25th Anniversary event, Heroic Publishing is proud to announce the premiere of a title almost three decades in the making!

Gathered from a series of alternate Earths, other times, and distant dimensions, The Infinites are the greatest heroes that any reality has to offer. They are:

AVIATRIX of Earth, the Ultimate Aerialist.
DOC MERCURIUS of Futura, the Worlds’ Fastest Man.
DR. KARNAK of MV4, the Living Computer.
SHEBA of Marduk , the Star Goddess.
JOB HATCHET of Akkad, Master of the Proto Force.
EIKON of Eden, the World’s Mightiest Mystic.
SPECTRA of Earth, the Living Light.
KEEPER ZETA of Antares 7, the Atavist.
DR. MONOLITH of New Cathay, the Megamorph.

And featuring two of Heroic’s mightiest maidens:
Dennis Mallonee’s Pulp Era powerhouse, the LIBERTY GIRL
and Daerick Gross Sr.’s mystic maiden of Reiki Warriors’ fame, ETHEREAL BLACK

Brought together by the enigmatic, Messianic, “Colossus of Science” VIGIL, The Infinites were formed to confront and defeat cosmic menaces beyond the scope and abilities of any other team.

Written by David William Daniel Thomas with art by Christopher Hanchey and John Anderson, and exploring the theme of superhero-as-Messiah, The Infinites walks boldly where other comics fear to tread.

Central to the action of the series is the question of how societies, even societies peopled with super humans of earth shaking power, react to one of their own claiming coequality with the Creator, Himself. The Infinites will explore the impact that Vigil’s claims have on the individual team members’ lives, minds, hearts and souls. Beyond the team, Vigil’s claims will have a polarizing and crystallizing impact on the world–and worlds–around him. Characters will be forced to choose whether they believe or disbelieve and will be forced to face the consequences of those choices.

What happens if Vigil’s claims are false?

Worse yet, perhaps….what happens if they are true?

The Infinites explores the premise of superhero-as-Messiah head on, weaving Bronze Age comic book action with Biblical allegory with 70’s pop culture with conspiracy theory with Classical mythology and much, much more.

Launching in April, 2011 from Heroic Publishing with a special, Limited Edition Full Length Preview and shipping bimonthly beginning in August, The Infinites promises to be a comic book unlike any other.

Spy6teen Issue 1

The debut issue from Sandbox Comics, Spy6teen– which
originally appeared on DC COMICS Zuda imprint, bursts into an on-going series!
Cally Calhoon wants to be a model student, but that’s not easy when her after school job is with a secret government unit called THE QUAD!
Hi-Spy espionage before the first bell rings!

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