DC Comics App: DV8, Arkham City & The Road to Flashpoint!

DC Comics have released their list of comics available from the Vertigo, Wildstorm and DC Universe lines.

We get the ‘Road to Flashpoint’ with ‘The Flash’ #10 and Transmetropolitan continues its awesome run with #40.

This weeks highlight is the Digital Chapter of Arkham City – a prequel to the upcoming game of the same name!

Written by: Paul Dini and Derek Fridolfs
Pencils by: Dustin Nguyen
Inks by: Derek Fridolfs
Single cover by: Carlos D’Anda with Gabe Eltaeb
Colored by: Randy Mayor
Lettered by: Travis Lanham
Edited by: Jim Chadwick
Batman created by Bob Kane

While newly elected Mayor Sharp is the public face of Arkham City, the secret manipulator behind the scenes is the nefarious Dr. Hugo Strange. Sharp presents the walled encampment as Gotham’s ultimate solution to crime, but Strange has a secret, darker agenda. He’s recruiting his own security force–one that will answer only to him and whose ultimate goal is the death of Batman.

Other DC Comics on sale this week:

  • 100 Bullets #35
  • Batman & Robin #14
  • Batman: Arkham City Exclusive Digital Chapter #1
  • Birds of Prey #119
  • Black Cherry Bombshells #6
  • Brightest Day #19
  • Chase #9
  • DC Universe Online Legends #8
  • Deus Ex #4
  • DV8: Gods and Monsters #1-2
  • Ex Machina #44
  • Fables #59
  • Global Frequency #9
  • Gotham Central #20-21
  • Gotham City Sirens #9
  • Green Arrow #44
  • Green Lantern Corps aka Vol 1 #59
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7-8
  • Gulch #3
  • Hawkman (Vol 4) #27
  • Imaginary Boys #4
  • Jack of Fables #9
  • JLA #71
  • Justice League of America #31
  • Legends of the DC Universe #20
  • Preacher #46-47
  • Sandman #48
  • Scalped #18
  • Supergirl #14-19
  • Supergirl (Vol 4) #36-37
  • Superman/Batman #63
  • Swamp Thing #48
  • The Authority Vol 2 #2
  • The Flash #10
  • Tomorrow Stories #9
  • Top10 #9
  • Transmetropolitan #40
  • WildCats #10
  • World of Warcraft: Ashbringer #1
  • Y: The Last Man #42
  • Young Justice (Vol 2) #4
  • Young Justice (Vol 1) #9-12

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