Graphic.Ly: Mouse Guard, Takio & Drone

Graphic.Ly release new comics everyday, so below is a list of comics released in the past week for digital and mobile reading – but first some highlights:

Mouse Guard FCBD

Mouse Guard FCBD 2011



Archaia presents two, amazing, all-new stories in one fantastic flipbook—David Petersen’s Eisner Award-winning MOUSE GUARD and Jim Henson’s beloved THE DARK CRYSTAL share the spotlight on Free Comic Book day!



Icon/Marvel Comics


From Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Oeming (POWERS), Two sisters (Taki & Olivia) gain super powers by accident and must decide what to do about their newly acquired abilities.



Drone #4
Red5 Comics


Chinese assassins are closing in on the American hackers, so their across-the-globe rescue of Cat and the hostages goes mobile. Meanwhile, the rebels attack with a drone army of their own.


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