Graphic.Ly: New Comics and Stan Lee!

Graphic.Ly release new comics every day – and this week they have released a lot of new comics. Including the Stan Lee series ‘Soldier Zero’, ‘The Traveler’ and ‘Starborn’

There’s no time for chatting! It all about comics this week. First, Stan Lee in collaboration with BOOM! Studios has released three new series: Solider Zero, The Traveler and Starborn. Each one is written by a different creator, and they are awesome. You should totally go check them out.

To make life even better, True Blood and Transformers 3 were released by IDW!! Sookie and Optimus Prime. Too bad they arent in the same book.

Finally, the best horror comic of 2011, Josh Fialkov’s Echoes. Super solid. A great read. “To some extent we all live in the shadows and inherit the sins of our fathers. Brian Cohn is dealing with it more than most. Already managing schizophrenia inherited from his father and expecting his first child with his wife, Brian is shocked when his father confesses to the murder of numerous young girls on his death bed in an Alzheimer’s induced rant. Now struggling to rectify his memories of his father with the evidence of the evil monster he may have actually been, Brian’s life is further shook when new bodies begin to surface. The killer has returned and Brian is terrified that it might be him.”

Graphic.Ly’s Latest Comics Are:

12 Gauge
Magus #4
R.P.M. #3 & #4

1821 Comics
Zedura Magazine

3Brane Entertainment
Grey Seal #1
Kingdoms of Grace #1
5th Dimension
Armor X

Angry Lama Press
Living With Zombies #1 – #5

Cyclops #2 – #4

Veronica #206
Sonic Universe #27

Asylum Press
The Bomb #1 -#4

Bluewater Productions
FAME: Robert Pattinson
FAME: Taylor Swift
FAME: The Cast of Glee Unauthorized Biography
Female Force: Stephenie Meyer GN
Vincent Price Presents #4 – #8

BOOM! Studios
Farscape #18
28 Days Later #22
Malignant Man #1
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1 – #4
Stan Lee’s Starborn #1 – #4
Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1 – #4

Clattertrap Comics
Next Town Over #1

Comix Tribe
The Standard #1

Transformers 3: Foundation #1 – #4
Transformers 3: Rising Storm #1 – #4
True Blood #1 – #6
True Blood: Tainted Love #1 – #3

Omni Consumer Comics
En-Mercs #3.3 Chapter 1 Part 1: Misato Tachikawa

Panda Force Comics
Panda Force #1

Shatterday Comics
XD: Exit Demigods #2

Lone Lee #1 – #4

Top Cow
Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box #5
Art of Top Cow
Echoes #1
First Born TP
Necromancer TP
Rising Stars V4: Voices of the Dead TP
Velocity #3
Witchblade #101 – #103

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