Skullkickers: Jim Zubkavich Talks to Comixology

Skullkickers creator had an interview with Comixology and has some thoughts on the creative process for digital:

comiXology: With the sixth and final issue out on comiXology this week, what has your experience working on the digital front been like?

Jim Zubkavich: It’s not our final issue! Don’t leave us yet! Believe me, we have more adventures to tell. Although Skullkickers was originally announced as a mini-series, we’ve been given the go ahead by Image for more monster mashy goodness and I assure you that we’re hard at work on the second story arc, which will be arriving late May/early June.

Having an easily accessible digital version of the book is wonderfully flexible. Having a free zero issue available to as a way to bring readers in the door and get them used to the Skullkickers style has been invaluable too.

Misty’s moody color palettes look fantastic, with bright magic effects and lush environments really popping well on screen.

Probably my favorite aspect of the digital issues has been playing with the formatting options that are possible. In our third issue there was a four page spread of the dwarf hallucinating that we had to split into two double spreads for the printed book. In the digital version it’s just one giant panoramic view that pulls in the reader that much more; Very satisfying and engaging.

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