Graphicly: Latest Releases, 3 Million Years Gets A Mention….

Graphicly have released their latest list of comics available from their site.

But before I give you the list, here is what Graphicly had to say about their latest goings on – including a link to me here!

We released a new version of Graphicly’s website that is a great window into our future. (Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out! I’ll wait.)


Its that simple. Our future is in helping to promote the telling, sharing, promoting and collaborating around story. Stories of all kinds. From all kinds of story tellers — regardless of size or fame. As part of this release, we have gotten the exclusive digital rights to Rest, which is an awesome series about a white collar worker given a drug that allows him to stay away for 24 hours…with no side effects. SIGN ME UP!

“One more thing.”

Take your favorite stories with you. Put them on your websites and blogs. Put them anywhere you want to show the world that you love stories and want to share them. Its as easy as sharing a video or link.

Here are some great examples:

Publishers like:

Creators like:

  • Brea Grant, who’s book We Will Bury You is insanely good.
  • Mike Jasper and Nikki Smith, creators ofIn Maps and Legends, and who I credit in many ways of helping me understand what creators need.

Sites like:


And here is the list of latest comics!

AAM Markosia
Quarantined #1 – #6
The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures #1 – #3

Betty and Veronica #249

BOOM! Studios
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #5
Stan Lee’s Starborn #5
Stan Lee’s The Traveler #5

Head Press Publishing
Eye Witness: Book 3
Eye Witness: Book 3 Preview

Back to Brooklyn GN

Legends of the Night
Legends of the Night: Predation

Platinum Studios
Nightfall GN
Unique #1 – #3

Top Cow
Echoes #4
Rest #0 – #1


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