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Here’s a new theme to digital comics by DoubleFeature:


It’s Digital!

We love print, but printing (and the associated middlemen of storage and distribution) is expensive. And it’s story that suffers. The print business is a financial risk, so only super-safe bets get made. And super-safe comics are super-boring.

By publishing digital-only, we can take greater risks and pass the savings (and convenience) on to you!

Cutting Edge Content

We love the iconic heroes we grew up with! But we know where to get those. Meanwhile, the market for new, groundbreaking, risk-taking stories is chronically underserved.

Because DoubleFeature stories are short and digital, our creators have the freedom to spitball new ideas that couldn’t work anywhere else.

Respected Creators

While DoubleFeature is an experiment in digital delivery, it’s not an experiment in content. Our stories are written and illustrated by top industry talent: Phil Hester (Firebreather,Green Arrow), Chris Burnham (Batman Inc.), B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Battle Hymn), Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), Mike Norton (Gravity,Young Justice), and more!

Special Features

Do you like director’s commentary on your DVDs? Then you’ll love DoubleFeature on your iPad! Every issue has commentary from writers and artists. And while we don’t have alternate endings, we do let you switch between finished and production artwork on every page!


Don’t have the latest technology? We’ve got your back. DoubleFeature is also available as simple PDF files that can be read on anything from your old XP box to your sexy 8-core whatever-they-call-it.

All Audiences

Yes, all of them. Not just-for-kids. Not adults-only. But exciting stories that can be enjoyed byeveryone.

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