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Long ago in the midst of time of the internet I needed an ISP. After a horrible experience with a free provider disc with a magazine I joined Tiscali. This was in the days of 56k modems and needing to take a phone line out of commission to slowly see pages.

Fast forward many generations of the web to the internet we know today and Tiscali are still here!

Community is the key to the web as we know it – with Facebook and Twitter people are sharing more than before. Tiscali have added a new dimension to the social environment that we have come to take for granted.

With the access we all have with smart phones, digital cameras and webcams recording what you are doing and where you are has increasingly become the norm. Now Streamago has brought you the social aspect.

What is Streamago?

Streamago is the new interactive and free live broadcasting application powered by Tiscali

If you have a camera and an internet connection you can now broadcast live over the internet – the possibilities are endless from reporting on live events happening across the world to socially connecting with friends and colleagues about what is happening!


Do your events deserve to be seen by a wider audience? It has never been easier to create and share video content in real time with friends.
All you need is a PC with a webcam and an Internet connection. Through the Broadcast Console (no need to download and install any program) you can transmit live video on your own channel within seconds adding extras such as titles and subtitles. You can also activate a chat function to receive and respond immediately to feedback from your Followers.
Simplicity is the way of the internet these days, no downloads, no code, no worries – this is like photo sharing. All you need to do is provide the content!
The addition of the use of an iPhone app is an extra to get even more people involved. Wifi points and the strength of a 3G connection mean there is no excuse for getting yourself heard!
Apps are only going to make things better – as a follower you can get the variation you want and as a broadcaster you aren’t stuck inside! As things happen you can record!
Using Streamago you get simple sharing and simple streaming – I always say about the usability and accessibility of an app or web page and this has drilled it down to what you need!

Where do I see Streamago working for me? I read and review comics, I go to conventions and shows. My readers would like to see what I see, see the people involved and see what is happening in the industry I write about!

Next time I go to a show, I can speak to creators and artists, get there opinions and broadcast it for all to see. Using the social aspect, people can ask me questions and pointers so that next time I can go back to them and ask “My readers have a question….”

You get a real time response and an audiovisual reacatiojn straight back to you!

Did you ever watch tv and think that you can do better? Did you ever want to reach an audience with your thoughts and experiences – or do you just want people to see what’s happening around you?

Then create your own TV Channel and share it with everyone!

Streamago is available at:


Like the Italian Facebook page:

http://www.facebook.com/ # / pages/streamago/200311140004441

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