You’re Unique – Let Graphicly Show That!

Graphicly have added another feature to their service:

At Graphicly we believe that comics are more fun when enjoyed with friends. We also don’t call our friends 7736 or 6880 and we know you’re more than just a number.

As of right now on you can select your own unique URL to your profile on Graphicly to share. No more numbers! (Unless that’s what you want.) To set your unique Profile URL, that no one else can have, just go up to My Account, and change your Profile URL from the default number there to your name, your nickname, or even your Twitter ID, whatever you want to be known as!

We also enabled the ability to set a profile picture for your newly christened and branded profile. While you are still in your account section just click Change Image under the icon or current image on the left and like magic, your face will be all over!

You want to make sure that you’re presenting yourself in the best fashion, so while you’re in your account section, make sure you update you bio, gender, location, and other information that other users may find interesting. Also you can connect your account to Twitter and Facebook, keeping you connected to the networks and services you use most online. So, while you’re claiming your URL and plastering your face across the site, make sure you fill out some of the other fields to, it may just lead to you finding a new friend on Graphicly!

Check out some of the awesome profiles from the Graphicly staff if you want to see some examples of filled out member profiles:!


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