Action Lab Announces Partnership With GlobWorld To Create Exclusive Digital Comics Series


ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT is pleased to announce a partnership with the makers of the kid-friendly website GLOBWORLD(, to produce a series of all-ages comic books based on the GLOBWORLD characters to be released digitally beginning this September.

GLOBWORLD is an online community designed and created for kids, and has been described as “_Safe, wacky, fun, educational, and free– everything a kid’s first online community should be!_” At GLOBWORLD, hilarious glob creatures engage kids through edutainment-driven content and tons of interactive features (daily polls, caption contests, art tools, games, Glob Radio, and much more!) — prompting kids daily to share their opinions, thoughts, and creativity. Globs make kids the stars of the show!

But above all else, the Globs encourage kids to treasure their own individuality and to appreciate the diversity in others.

ACTION LAB will be producing a series of comic books featuring original GLOBWORLD characters and settings. The comics will be offered digitally under the Action Lab banner, and will be available directly from ACTION LAB, as well as from any of the various digital comic book distribution avenues through which ACTION LAB products may be purchased. ACTION LAB and GLOBWORLD are also planning cooperative promotion efforts for GLOBWORLD digital comics. The initial 4-issue run of GLOBWORLD from ACTION LAB will commence with a special introductory “zero” issue to be released in September, with the remainder of the books following on a monthly schedule.

The title will feature successful and up-and-coming writers and artists, including writers such as Kevin Freeman (SHREK, Subculture), Jeremy Whitley (PRINCELESS) and Dave Dwonch(GNOME, Back in the Day), and artists such as Quinne Larsen, Andrew Charipar (Agents of C.O.L.T.) and Chad Cicconi (FRACTURE, Baby Boomers).

Further information and a complete release schedule will be available soon

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