In Maps & Legends: Digital Sales Update

So, in January I commented on the sales percentages of digital title ‘In Maps & legends’. And now mike Jasper has some updated figures!


List of distributors and their percentage of sales, September 2010 to June 2011:

  1. B&N’s Nookbook Store: 45%
  2. Amazon’s Kindle Store: 27%
  3. Comixology: 10%
  4. DriveThruComics: 5%
  5. Amazon’s Kindle Store in Germany: 5%
  6. Graphicly: 3%
  7. Amazon’s Kindle Store in the UK: 2%
  8. The Illustrated Section: 2%
  9. SmashWords:  .5%
  10. MyDigitalComics: .5%

For comparison’s sake, here’s the table from January covering our sales from September 2010 to December 2010:

List of distributors and their percentage of sales in 2010:

  1. B&N’s Nookbook Store: 44%
  2. Comixology: 30%
  3. Amazon’s Kindle Store: 13%
  4. DriveThruComics: 7%
  5. 5%
  6. Amazon’s Kindle Store in the UK: .5%
  7. Wowio: .5%
  8. MyDigitalComics: 0%
  9. Robot Comics: 0%
  10. LongBox: 0%
  11. XinXii: 0%
  12. Myebook: 0%

You’ll notice we added some new distributors and dropped others. :)


The Nook’s place seems to be well in front and I think the addition of the colour Nook may have something to do with this. I also think the rise of the Kindle to the number 2 spot is no surprise as in total over all countries they are taking 34% of the market share. I do think that the massive amount of titles distributors like Graphicly and Comixology have may harm titles such as this and shows.

Other surprises are the small amount of sales from Robot Comics – especially with the Android app they have. WOWIO are a good option and they have showed with a decent looking percentage – and this is with the large amount of sales.

Perhaps the amounts also relate to the types of people who use that medium? Maybe they are more interested in the type of story that IM&L gives us?

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