News: ICv2 Conference on Comics, Media, and Digital

Over at The Beat there is some highlights on the ICv2 Conference.

Some digital highlights for you all:

In digital the story was….growing. Duh. He estimated sales had doubled from 2009 in 2010 and are somewhere between $6 and $18 million a year. (Yes a big span.) Although the growth is clearly spurred by iOS, Android and web sales are coming on strong.

I think there are going to be more increases in the Nook & Kindle in the future as iOS just lead the charge!

Dark Horse’s Mike Richardson talked about “motion comics v.2″ that Dark Horse is developing which will be more expensive but also more dramatic and interesting with actual direction and so on.

Although Dark Horse got on relatively late – there offerings have been solid, as has thir marketing, so I am expecting great things from them!

Panelfly’s Ed Lang talked about their new business plan which involves an app which will integrate content from ALL different media — although he didn’t go into detail it sounds like a way to search for, say, a Burn Notice comic, and also find all the episodes streaming on Hulu.

I have always been a little frustrated personally with PanelFly – because I can’t get it in the UK! – Yet?

IDW’s Ted Adams made some headlines, as always, with actual numbers. IDW’s digital sales have gone from 1% of revenue a year ago to 3% now. Of that, 99% is via app sales — however, IDW does not have a huge web sales presence, as was noted by the next panel’s David Steinberger of ComiXOlogy, who said their own web sales are robust.

IDW have some excellent ideas – and it’s interesting to see the increase in revenue – 1% to 3% which, without a web store is very good!

The final panel was more of a open ended “print to digital” panel with DC’s Bob Wayne, Diamond’s Bill Schanes, GeekChicDaily’s Peter Levin, retailer Joe Field, ComiXology’sDavid Steinberger, and polymath Mark Waid. After a couple of opening questions from moderator Calvin Reid, the questions went to the audience, and the panel turned into another one of those anxious “we don’t know what the hell is going to happen but something is going to happen” panels where people wonder if digital is going to kill their business. This was best expressed by Waid. Steinberger was the star of the show however, noting that Comixology has been the top grossing book app on iTunes for several weeks now.


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