“Shake up Bozzetto!” App

SHAKE UP BOZZETTO! (Released on July 11, 2011)


From paper to touch-screen: “Shake up Bozzetto!” , a collection of one hundred and one sketches by Bruno Bozzetto, is finally available as a humorous and shakable App!
The Cartoonist’s sharp sarcasm, expressed through the words of the most loyal of his characters, Mr Rossi, has finally landed in the Apple App Store.
Bruno Bozzetto Distribution announces the launch of its very first App entirely dedicated to the Italian Cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto, recognized worldwide for creating animation masterpieces from the classic feature Allegro non Troppo to the extremely humorous online short, Europe&Italy.
Mr Rossi is the protagonist of this wide collection of comics suitable for mature audiences aged 13 and above. He unsheathes his most precious and sharpest weapon, sarcasm, to reproach and trigger mankind to think over a wide-ranging number of universal and timeless themes.

At the same time, Mr Rossi exemplifies all of us as victims of a system gone crazy, absorbed in our thousands of little daily mishaps and in the most cryptic existential questions.
Thanks to the comic, a true means of entertainment and education, principles and gags full of either sweet naivety or ferocious irony, will pour over readers.
The App is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It comprises a collection of 101 comics in colour and black & white. It provides users with the option of a linear reading format by swiping through the comics, or a more interactive random format via the touch-screen function or the shaking/vibrating function.
The menu bar is integrated with a useful bookmark tool to mark and manage the reader’s favorite comics.

[cincopa A4BAfpKhjO9m]

The app is now available from the Apple Store for € 0,79 and can be downloaded at the following links :
SHAKE UP BOZZETTO! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shake-up-bozzetto!/id446746479?mt=8 SHAKE UP BOZZETTO! HD http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shake-up-bozzetto!-hd/id446078147?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2
For press information, please contact:
Bruno Bozzetto Distribution s.n.c.
Web Page http://www.bozzetto.com/apps2.html Technical Support http://www.d-com.it/

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