Who Am I & What I Do Here…

This is 3 Million Years and I am Michael Nimmo.

  • First of all the Who Am I:


I am a comic fan – in all formats – I collect monthly issues, trades, graphic novels and digital formats.

I like all types of comics – be it ‘supers’ or any of the other genres you may get.

Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. – Alan Moore

You can find me in all sorts of places. I am on Twitter I am on Graphicly (follow me!) I have photos on Flickr (which are mainly from Instagram – username: 3millionyears) I even draw stuff an put it up on DeviantArt! If you want to see some of my photo rants you can go to my MoBlog page!

On top of that I also do AudioBoo’s/Podcasts for 3 Million Years!

This is my hobby and I enjoy it – 3 Million Years has been going for nearly two years and gone from strength to strength. With this I have my full time job as a Safety & Risk Consultant, a loving and understanding wife and 3 children (plus one dog!)

3 Million Years was the amount of time the mining ship ‘Red Dwarf’ was away from earth!

  • What I do here!:


3MY started off as more of a webcomic/comic site and naturally progressed into a mobile/digital comics site. I endevor to get the latest news on releases, sales, reviews and other pieces of information that you may want to know about reading comics on your computer, phone, tablet or gaming system.

This is easier said than done. With the power of the internet I will make it so!

I try to link to sources when I can, and credit those who got there before me (of tipped me off) I will also promote your comic if you send me the info – we should all get the chance to be seen.

If you want to add your opinion on Digital Comics I welcome diverse thoughts on the medium!

Email Me and I will make it so.

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Comic Reviews

Review: Hawk The Slayer #5

August 10, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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