Marvel Monday Sale: Half Of The New Avengers

It’s the latest Marvel Monday sale, and this week you can get issues #1 to #15 of the The New Avengers for half price!

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After the devastating destruction of the original Avengers just what sort of threat to the world could persuade Captain America to assemble an all-new team? And after the events of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, who could possibly be on this team? How does Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man & Wolverine sound? Get ready for the first of a proposed 500-issue run that signals an all-new era, as Bendis & Finch join with you, the fervent faithful, for the launch of the all-new ongoing Avengers series!

This week check out The New Avengers back when they really were new! Grab the first 15 issues of Brain Michael Bendis, David Finch, and Steve McNiven’s now classic groundbreaking run for 50% off the normal price.

The mysteries and tragedies of the Sentry come to the forefront as the New Avengers come to his aid. Who is behind the Sentry’s tragic life? The answer WILL SHOCK YOU!

Who is Ronin and why has Captain America recruited him into the fold? Does it perhaps have something to do with Hydra helping the Silver Samurai get out of the country after he broke out of prison?

Find out Today for half-off the normal price on single issues. Act fast and download now to add these awesome New Avengers books to your digital library at a great price for a limited time!

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