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This comes via our friends at Red 5 Comics, who are well aware of how much I enjoy Atomic Robo!

This is from the Atomic Robo site and is excellent reading!

Gloria writes:

My 6 year old son, Bobby Jr., just got done readingAtomic Robo: Ghost of Station X (part 1). Tomorrow he is taking it to school to read it to his first grade class.

He is the most advanced reader the school has ever had (he is reading at a 5th grade level now). I started reading comics to him since he was 3, and now we both can’t get enough. Every year he goes as a comic book superhero for Halloween. And everyday he builds robots with LEGO.

It is because of the hard work of his teachers and I, and his extreme love of comic books that he has excelled. It is because of writers and artists like yourselves that we both want to read. The wanting makes all the difference.

Thank you Red 5 for making reading fun for my son. I am really grateful that we saw your booth at the Dallas Comic-Con earlier this year. Now we make sure to pick up any Red 5 issues we can find. Thank you again.

-A very proud mom.

Gloria was good enough to provide a camera for the reading. These pictures come care of her and Bobby Jr.’s teacher.


Bobby introduces the class Atomic Robo. 

Bobby knows robots are cool. He has all of life figured out at age six.

A room full of first graders are thoroughly entertained by Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X #1.


I would just like to point out that Volume 6, Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X, is the darkest story we’ve told. Yet it’s still appropriate for children.

There aren’t even any action beats in this issue to hold their attention like in cartoons. The whole issue is talking! About half of that is fairly technical sci-fi babble. My god, there’s an obscure time travel joke and a discussion of one of the weirder implications of a technological Singularity.

In a comic book enjoyed by first graders!

In a comic book universally praised by adults.

Marvel? DC? You guys say you want new readers? I hope you’re paying attention.

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