Ghostboy: Funding Phase 2

Kindle and app hit ‘Ghostboy’, buoyed by the success of its interactive Kindle book is now entering phase 2, and is looking for funding!


Click the link and get on board!

Why Fan Funding?

Fan Funding gets you, the audience involved from the very early stages of a
project. By donating, you can receive any number of cool rewards depending
on the ammount you donate. But whatever you donate, it makes a massive
impact into the project.
ghostboy|inter@ctive has a number of rewards that include; Certificates of
sponsorship, signed artwork, Posters and much more.
Fan Funding is an alternative way to raising finance for a project, other than
private investment or grants. This is now becoming more popular within the
creative industries, due to the drop in funding available from places like the
Arts Councils.


What is phase 2?

In March 2011, I decided to shelve the ghostboy|inter@ctive project along
with any fan funding activities. This was due to me focusing on the new Kindle
book Ghostboy and the Nameless Grave.
Basically phase 2 is the unshelving of ghostboy|interactive and, again to create
awareness of the project and to attract more sponsors along the way.
Starting in November, I will be doing LIVE streams from ghostboyHQ, where
you will be able o see me working on the project and ask questions.

How will the Fan Funding be spent?

ghostboy|inter@ctive is a massive project to undertake. There will be a lot of
planning, development and programming to be done. All this takes time and
will involve a highly skilled team of artists and programmers.
As a sponsor, your money will be spent in the following areas:
• Pre-production
This will involve the planning and development of the application. For instance; how the User Interface will look and feel?, what will the sounds be like
when you open and explore the application?, and what interactive areas are
going to be within the application.

• Production
Putting the application together. This will involve creating all the elements
ready for submitting to the developers who will in turn, build the application.
• Post-Production
A FULL break-down of the above areas, including costs is available upon request.

So what can you expect from ghostboy|inter@ctive?

ghostboy|inter@ctive will be a FULLY interactive user experience, with a wealth
of different in-app zones to explore. The application’s enviroment will be inspired by the world in which Tristan (ghostboy) lives. So you will be able to
check out the house, the camper/caravan, the cemetary and many other areas.
Each area or zone will contain content. Here is an example:
The Haunted House:
• The origins of ‘ghostboy’
• Story and Character notes from both the mobile comic and the Kindle book.
• Concept art for both the mobile comic and Kindle book.
Other content within the application includes:
• Mobile Comic Chapters
• Games
• Behind the Scenes Videos and interviews
• Animated Episodes
• Sponsors area
The application will be available on both Apple IOS and Android platforms.

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