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All-New Secret Identity #27–Buffalo Speedway and Deathstroke
by Secret Identity

TradesBuffalo Speedway (Yehudi Mercado)Captain America Bicentennial Battles Required ReadingDeathstroke the Terminator (Slade Wilson) Deathstorke the Terminator (series)Deathstroke (volume 1)New Teen Titans: Judas ContractDeathstorke: Full CycleDeathstr…

Twilight Lady Volume 1: Demon Corridor
by Corridor Media

Paranormal journalist and truthseeker Rona Eden has a close encounter with a mysterious hooded lady who appears to have killed several people in Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood. A strange journey follows, taking us from the seedy trip hop dun geon kno…

Makeshift Miracle Chapter 1

A young boy named Colby Reynolds searches for meaning in the world around him and discovers a place where dreams can come true, if he’s willing to pay the price. Along the way he’ll see sights he’s never fathomed and encounter hidden …

Harbor Moon #1
by Spoke Lane Entertainment

Timothy Vance has taken a trip to out-of-the-way Harbor Moon, Maine in search of a man named Andrew O’Callaghan. So far the man is nowhere to be found and it doesn’t seem the town takes kindly to strangers.

All-New Secret Identity Podcast #25–Crypt of Shadows and Star Wars Toys
by Secret Identity

Out of the Longbox:Crypt of Shadows #6Thor #337 Comic Book Ads Revealed:X-Ray Glasses Saturday Morning Special:Batman Brave and the Bold: The Last Bat on Earth Saturday Matinee:Godzilla: King of the Monsters Plastic Fantastic:NYCC: Star wars Toys–Mat…



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2000 AD: Prog 1655
by 2000 AD
Price: $1.99

The Power Behind The Throne… Will Lucifer’s Lieutenant Uriel usurp Hell from his Master? Demonic thrills from the fiery pit as Necrophim returns!

2000 AD: Prog 1654
by 2000 AD
Price: $1.99

Lady and the Vamp! Lulu fights tooth and claw against The Deathless Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth inmates launch their assult Kingdom: Gene the Hackman runs with his new pack Strontium Dog: Galactic’s goons are on Alpha’s trail Shakara: Who screams th…

The Principalities #1
by Darkslinger Comics
Price: $0.99

Katie is plagued by an ever occurring dark, bloody, and foreboding nightmare. All powerful and unstoppable she has destroyed mankind as we know it, beginning the end of days. But what if, for Katie this is not a dream…but a vision of the future?

by Azurek Studios
Price: $2.00
Nekro #0 Digital Preview Edition
by N.A.S Studios
Price: $1.00
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Review: Hawk The Slayer #5

August 10, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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