IDW Star Trek $0.99 Sale

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This week Comixology and IDW have teamed up to bring a sale on the Star Trek Titles!

For $0.99 each you can get:

  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight – Borg
  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight –  Vulcans
  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight – Romulans
  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight – Gorn
  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight – Orions
  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight – Andorians
  • Star Trek: Alien Spotlight – Cardassians
  • Star Trek Ongoing
  • Star Trek/Legion of Superheros
  • Star Trek: Countdown
  • Star Trek: Ghosts
  • Star Trek: Captains Log: Sulu
  • Star Trek: Mirror Images
  • Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge
  • Star Trek: Infestation
  • Star Trek: McCoy
  • Star Trek: Assignment Earth
  • Star Trek: Spock Reflections
  • Star Trek Archives: Best of The Borg
  • Star Trek Archives: The Best of Peter David
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Star Trek: Nero
  • Star Trek: New Frontier
  • Star Trek: Khan – Ruling in Hell
  • Star Trek: Missions End
  • Star Trek Movie Adaptation
  • Hollow Crown
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