Oxicomics: Sell Anywhere, Deliver Straight To Users Digital Comics Library

Sell anywhere, deliver straight to users digital comics library



As a indie-, self- or small press publisher requires a lot of marketing efforts to make sure potential buyers of your comics have heard of you, and of course – can actually get their hands on your comics.

For digital comics, this effort is no simpler – it still involves exactly the same kind of work, and simply making them available on the Apple AppStore or Android Market is not going to do anything for you – no matter which distributor you use.  Furthermore, after all the marketing work you have to do, you are sending potential buyers into an app where they will (unfortunately) most often not find what *you* want them to find.

And if they DO find your comic, you still have to give a large chunk of your sales revenue to Apple or Google as well as the digital distributor – leaving you with less than 50% of the sales price – before paying any VAT (where applicable).

At Oxicomics we tried to create an indie-comics friendly site, that would let you manage and author your comics yourself, while we did the technology part. After 1 year of deveopment, we ran out of funds and had to abandon our initial plan.  After doing some soul-searching, we decided to look into what we COULD do with the stuff we had already developed.  Perhaps there was still some way we could enable publishers and creators to have an awesome digital comics presence – that was sustainable and fully up to par with what “the big guys” had to play with.

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