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Tough Guy #02



Publisher Mohawk Media has today released a graphic novel featuring all-new action hero, Tough Guy.

The British team of writer Chris Bunting and artist Steve Beckett is joined by American art legend Herb Trimpe.

Writer Chris Bunting says: “The comic book world was in dire need of a true all-ages character. Enter Tough Guy. While he has to contend with a modern threat in the form of a terrorist organisation, he still has one foot in the past, when comic books were more concerned with entertaining than being edgy.

“There isn’t an artist more qualified to illustrate the cover than Herb Trimpe, whose art has graced some of the most entertaining comic books. Like the eponymous character, Herb Trimpe’s art pulls no punches.”

Herb Trimpe brought Wolverine into the comic book world, while his work on the Hulk has helped define the lasting public perception of the character. Having drawn a veritable who’s who of famous characters, Trimpe is no stranger to the UK, having helped create Captain Britain.

Herb Trimpe says: “I’m hoping Tough Guy leaves an impression on the fans even more so than Captain Britain – a character I judged to be not long lasting. So much for my judgement. I have had many requests for Captain Britain commissions, and I happily await my first request for a drawing of Tough Guy – a sure sign that he is on his way to occupy a place in the Comic Book Hall of Fame.”

The Tough Guy 42-page graphic novel is available exclusively via the publisher’s groundbreaking line of paperless Eco Comics. It is available in various digital formats via $2.99 (approx £1.90).
The graphic novel is also available to download as three individual comic book issues, each with a cover by regular series artist, Steve Beckett. Each issue has a cover price of $1.95.





      Herb Trimpe has drawn major names including Spider-Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Thor. He has also drawn Indiana Jones, Transformers, Godzilla, Star Wars, and a cover for Rolling Stone magazine.
      His time at Marvel saw him illustrate the writings of Stan Lee, and with writer Chris Claremont, Trimpe created Captain Britain.
      He is perhaps best known for his seven-year run on the Incredible Hulk. It was during this that Wolverine (of the X-Men) made his first ever appearance.
      Trimpe’s unique style has arguably helped define the public image of the Hulk more than any other artist. This was, in part, due to his illustrations of the character adorning much of the merchandise released throughout the 1970s and 1980s.
      Trimpe’s contribution to, and advancement of, the comic book, like the wealth of characters that he helped create, is far too vast to be summarised here.

      During his brief time in the comic book industry, writer Chris Bunting has already become widely known for licensed properties, original properties, and literary adaptations. Recently launched titles include Dick Turpin and Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde.

      Following Tough Guy, artist Steve Beckett has gone on to create and produce a number of new regular strips for iconic British comic, The Dandy, while also working on some of its classic characters. He additionally provides stories for the Beano Annual and Dandy Annual.


    Mohawk Media launched in 2008 with the top-selling graphic novel adventures of one of Hollywood’s most instantly recognisable superstars, Mr. T.
    The publisher has followed up with a range of new titles, including those via ECO COMICS. Identical in format to print comic books, these paperless titles include Heroic High, Supplanter, Pirate Queen, and Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde. &

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