Review: Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Adventures

As with Hellboy, Atomic Robo has scope for more – with a rich tapestry of history and a vast cast of characters, you always feel you’d like to see more of them.

Well now you can!

Real Science Adventures brings us 5 short stories with 5 different artists, and is written well enough so that even those who are new to Atomic Robo can read them

Of course a bit of knowledge of the characters does help with the enjoyment. (I’m looking at you Dr Dinosaur!)

With all the words by Brian Clevinger, we get new artists each time, which give a fresh look on some of the stories.

  • First we have a WWII story with art by Ryan Cody – this is a multi part story and I look forward to seeing more of it. Spies, commandos and explosions. Its a nice way to start off. Although the title “To Kill a Sparrow” doesn’t bode well!
  • Next we have a favourite of mine return – “The Revenge of Dr Dinosaur” In this brilliantly paced short we see Dr Dinosaur get a horrifying revenge on Atomic Robo!
  • “City of Skulls” is a nice story which ties of a loose end from a previous adventure from Atomic Robo – I like ones like this and seeing some things never end!
  • Leaping Dragon has an excellent cameo, from someone who has been out of comics for far too long – I don’t want to spoil this one!
  • “Rocket Science is a two-edged sword” gives us a taste of the magic and science cross!


Overall and enjoyable book and well worth a read – if I had a criticism of this it would be that there was maybe too much Robo! If you can have such a thing!

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