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The True Horror of Shopping

Meadowhall Shopping Centre between Sheffield and Rotherham in the UK appears to be just like any other mall, but the independent comic company, CDComics first Surreal Murder Mystery Graphic Novel brings that into question.

The narrative deals with the gruesome murder of three Security Guards just prior to its opening in 1990. The bizarre murders take place on the night of the Summer Solstice and D.C.I Bramley of the Metropolitan Police is called in to deal with the triple homicide. The fast paced investigation that follows leads the Police into areas they had not expected and ends with several shocking and surreal discoveries.

All the clues to solve the murders are in the comic, so why not test your investigative skills and your knowledge of the occult and paranormal by trying to solve the crime, but be warned this Graphic Novel could change the way you shop forever.
“You can forget vampires, zombies and the undead it’s far stranger than that.”

Craig Daley previously worked on the comic strip, The Jerks, for the national magazine, Making Music, but stated that this was a return to his roots, preferring the longer comic book format.

“It’s Frost meets CSI in the Twilight Zone with a twist of Richard Dawkins.”

Within the macabre story the relationship between consumerism and religion in our secular society is also examined and this brings the Police investigation to a shocking conclusion.

The 56 page Graphic Novel is available on Drive Thru Comics for just $0.99, that’s 70p UK at to see some sample pages just visit

Other CDComics titles from the Surreal Murder Mystery Series include Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell and Football Crazy: The Road to Insanity and remember please do have nightmares.

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