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Latest releases from Cloud 9 Comix for Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Drago Bentley: Space Detective #4
Writer/director: Joseph Kisch
Pencillers/Inkers: Dave Acosta & Tomr Arvis
Inker: Mark Martin
Colorist: Joel Chua
Colorist/Letterer: Teddy Pavon
Animator: Aerol Nestor
Genre: Sci Fi, Thriller
Format: Full color, 32 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Joseph Kisch

A gifted twenty second century private investigator made blind when his optical implant is switched off for non-payment of a debt and is forced to reanimate his android to help him solve the case of a missing billionaire, in the process exposing the truth behind a militant group of high level androids and a corrupt senator hell-bent on controlling the world.



Vic Boone Trade Paperback
Writer: Shawn Aldridge
Artist: Geoffo
Cover Artist: David Lloyd
Genre: Sci Fi, Adventure
Format: Full color, 145 pages
Price: $2.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

This is the entire collection of Vic Boone issues #1-3 including loads of bonus stuff!

Former motorcycle daredevil, Vic Boone is hired to clear a woman’s name after she’s blamed for a series of grizzly murders. To find the real killer, he’ll have to beat robot thugs, get help from a human fly, and escape the all powerful(not really) Raygun Radicals.



Vengador #2
Writer: James Gilarte
Artist: Rowel Roque
Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure
Language: English
Format: Black & white, 22 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Spectrum Pacific Publishing

Everyone gets angry from time to time. Their blood boils with rage as thoughts race through their mind. Thoughts about doing horrible things…however majority of the time we don’t act on those thoughts. For Eric Martin those thoughts become reality as he realizes that the world he lives in is the opposite from what he thought it was when he was growing up. After a traumatic experience in his life happens his world is turned upside down, he realizes that there is no such thing as justice as the police, legal system and the whole of society is corrupt.

Eric knows what he must do in order to bring justice to those who escape the system, the question is though how far would you go to ensure justice is served?



The People That Melt in the Rain #3
Writer: Mike Dubisch
Artist: Carolyn Watson Dubisch
Genre: Fantasy/All Ages
Format: Full Color, 27 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Abigail Books

The moment that 12 year old Laura arrives in her new home town of Deluge, a rain of large green frogs falls from the sky. In the days that follow, she discovers a forest of tiny creatures in her neighbor’s cupboard and a terrible curse upon the whole town. In Deluge the people really do “melt in the rain.”




The Uniques #9
Written, Illustrated, and Lettered by Comfort Love and Adam Withers
Genre: Superhero, Action, Teen
Format: Full color, 55 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Comfort Love and Adam Withers

In one terrible moment, the life of a young girl called Telepath comes undone. Awakening alone, she must now navigate between those looking to stop her from pursuing the heroic future her parents had dreamed of and those looking to recruit her for their own ends. But how can one girl, no matter how powerful, make a difference in this new world? And how will the shadowy forces amassing in secret try to stop her? So begins the saga of a new generation of superheroes, facing their future on their own. Welcome to the world of The Uniques!




Princeless #4
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artists: Goodwin & D.E. Belton
Colorist/Letterer: Jung-Ha Kim
Editor: Shawn Gabborin
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Language: English
Format: Full color, 32 pages
Price: $1.99
Publisher: Action Lab Comics

Still waiting for your prince to come? Tired of spending night after night locked in a secluded tower? Ready for your own adventure? So are we. Princeless is the story of Princess Adrienne, one princess who’s tired of waiting to be rescued. Join Adrienne and her guardian dragon, Sparky, as they begin their own quest in an all-ages action adventure designed specifically for those who are tired of waiting to be rescued… and who are ready to save themselves.



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