Indiegogo: Dragonslayer – Book One of the Fetters of Wizardry

A new campaign from the creator (and friend of 3MY) of Jake the Evil Hare:

Short Summary

My name is Sam Medina. I lived in New Jersey and Texas before moving to Toronto, Ontario, where I now work as a freelance artist, after having spent over a decade in the business world as a financial and business consultant.

As a writer (and artist), I have won awards for my webcomic series Jake the Evil Harewhich tells the story of an evil rabbit gone horribly good. This series has consistently ranked among the top 6% on the major webcomic ranking sites. My fantasy webcomic, Darkfellas likewise been praised by critics and peers, and has hit the top 100 (top 0.5%) on several times. It was, actually, where Dragonslayer was born- it started as a short story I was writing to create a history for one of the major characters.

Dragonslayer is more than just my first fantasy novel. It is part of a much larger story, The Fetters of Wizardry, a somewhat dark fantasy epic which contains a sci-fi twist. It explores an ancient conflict between magic and technology and deals with the consequences of trying to manipulate history. One of my friends referred to it as ‘Lord of the Rings meets Foundation.’

What I aim to accomplish with this book (and I admit I’m swinging for the fences here) is to both produce a work of fine literature and lay the foundation for fantasy series so vivid, so thoroughly crafted that multiple authors will one day write novels of their own based in it… Somewhere between the visceral realism and literary majesty of H.P. Lovecraft and the expansiveness of Forgotten Realms is where I’d like to get to with the series, and you can help to make it happen!

What We Need & What You Get

To make this publishing venture a success, I’m going to need $9000 in start-up money. The bulk of these funds will be used for professional editing (about $2000) and the printing of 1000 copies (About $6,000). Fortunately I will be illustrating the book itself, and so that expense, at least, is eliminated.

I also have to pay for set-up costs of an online store, for various small formatting issues involved with ebook production, for stationery and postage to mail out copies of the book, and for the production and mailing of promotional materials to market the book once it’s been produced.

The Impact

Dragonslayer will begin a new era in fantasy literature, in which magic and science come together and one world’s history becomes the focal point for a conflict which spans millenia and many worlds.

  • This will be the first of a series of at seven books, part of a story that has been growing in the back of my mind since 1994. A series of personal tragedies kept me from making headway into this tale up until recently, and I consider this the ‘Great Work’ of my life.
  • I believe it will set a new standard for fantasy literature, and it will be a very satisfying read for a wide variety of people.
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