Archie: Jughead, Betty & Sonic

Here are this weeks digital comics available from Archie Comics:


The Andrews have a little problem… A lot of little problems, in fact, that can fly and sting! When Mary discovers a bee hive in the backyard, the men of the house do their best to calm her fears (it could have been yellow jackets!), however when the bees become too much to handle, who can the family turn to for help? Read “Buzz Words” and discover the answer for yourself!
Summer is fast approaching and, as per usual, Archie needs extra cash! What follows next is a series of Archie testing out a variety of odd jobs figuring being self-employed is the way to go. But what will Archie decide when he gets a generous offer from Mr. Lodge himself? No doubt there’s always a catch when Veronica’s father gets involved in “Work Quirk”.
Script: Mike Pellowski
Art: Tim Kennedy
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
160-page, full color comic

Betty and Veronica in “The Big Cleanup” – The gang have all gathered at Veronica’s beach house for a summer of fun in the sun! It’s not all rest and relaxation though as Betty and her Green Girls go to work cleaning up the polluted beach. They could use some help from the boys, so Betty does what she must to entice attention-hungry Veronica to lend a hand – call the media!
Betty in “Wash & Warry” – When Mrs. Cooper’s SUV is in need of a serious washing Betty volunteers to help out. But how will anything get cleaned when Archie and Reggie stop by and a water fight ensues?
Betty in “Lucky Horseshoe!” – Clem the “horseshoe king” gets challenged at his own game by Betty, who’s not too bad herself! Will Betty come out on top and be crowned the “horseshoe queen”?
Script: George Gladir, Mike Pellowski
Art: Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Jeff Shultz, Mark McKenna, Bob Bolling, Bob Smith
Cover: Dan Parent
32-page, full color comic

Jughead in “Your Humble Serpent or: The Beast From One Fathom”
A beautiful summer day at the Lodge’s pool is enjoyed by all, that is until they set their sights on Jughead’s terrifying floatation device – Sigmund the Sea Urchin! However when Jughead’s pool toy messes with the wrong person, all bets are off!
Script: Craig Boldman
Art: Rex Lindsey
Cover: Stan Goldberg
160-page, full color comic


“Unsung Heroes” Part One: The Secret Freedom Fighter arc begins here! Geoffrey St. John has been sent on a mysterious mission by the evil Ixis Naugus. It’s up to Silver the Hedgehog’s squad to find out what he’s after – and to stop him! What is Naugus’ sinister plot? Who are these Secret Freedom Fighters? The answers begin here!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Steve Downer
Cover: Tracy Yardley!, Jack Morelli and Steve Downer
32-page, full color comic

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