Digital Firsts This Week on Comixology: Batman: Arkham City: Endgame and AvX: Infinite

Batman: Arkham City: Endgame #5
The Dark Knight is rising! The Phoenix force is coming! Batgirl gets a makeover! Smallville continues! And a Secret History is revealed in this week’s digital firsts on comiXology! There’s a new digital first every day this week so don’t miss Legends of the Dark Knight, AvX: Infinite, Ame-Comi II, Smallville, Secret History and all the rest! Make sure you stop by frequently for all the brand-new digital first comics this week from publishers like DC, Marvel, IDW, Archaia and Arcana exclusively on comiXology.

Don’t waste another second! Check out today’s new digital first release below followed by what’s coming your way later on this week!

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Batman: Arkham City: Endgame #5

Batman is deep inside the ruined Arkham Asylum, searching for a clue to disarm Joker’s final, deadly plot. He finds himself in a cell steeped in the history of the war between these two men–the very cell used to hold Joker all those years ago. Could this cell also be the final resting place of Batman?!

More New Digital Firsts This Week:


Ame-Comi II: Batgirl #1

Batgirl and Robin have put aside the costumes and are ready to hit the town for a little fun–that is, until Poison Ivy turns up to create some chaos. And when two of her friends join, the Dynamic duo find themselves outnumbered.


Secret History Book #20

Since the dawn of time, Dyo, Reka, Aker, and Erlin, the four Archons who headed the Four Houses, have fought each other to control the fate of humankind. While Archons have risen and fallen, the world continues to change and time remains their constant antagonist. In the middle of the Vietnam War, the CIA decides to get rid of a strange smuggler, a German former legionnaire whose knowledge of the cards is worrisome. To carry out this mission, they turn to an adventurer named Chance. Meanwhile in California, another round has begun. Reka disappears—by her own hand, or someone else’s? But who’d be crazy enough to kidnap an Archon? And to what end?


Joe Beck is an auto mechanic with the worst luck in the world, and since a young age, his accidents have introduced him to every hospital employee within a sixty-mile radius. In Annie Hall, Woody Allen divides everyone into the Horrible and the Miserable. Joe unfortunately falls into both categories. To get the girl of his dreams Joe must discover his affliction, ‘The Pixie Curse,’ and find out how to redeem a mistake he made many years ago.

The Inventor

At the end of the 19th century, during a time when inventors were known as wizards and corporations considered their kingdoms, emerged an extraordinary league of gentlemen who shaped the modern world with their minds, money and machines. Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, J.P. Morgan, Guglielmo Marconi, Mark Twain, Lord Kelvin, Swami Vivekananda and others stood at the helm of the ship as the perfect storm was approaching. At the eye of the storm stood TESLA, a mystic inventor whose genius bordered insanity as he blurred the lines between magic and science. His ideas and inventions were so progressive that he catalyzed the second industrial revolution giving birth to the Electrical Era. Yet despite his genius, passion and impact on humanity, his on-going battle with Edison allowed others to make great fortunes on his inventions leaving him penniless, alone and forgotten…until now.

AvX: Infinite #2

The unknown and untapped potential of the Phoenix Force is revealed in the next all-new Avengers Vs. X-Men Infinite Comic, available on June 20!


Legends of the Dark Knight #3

Batman has lived many lifetimes and worn many different costumes in his 70+ years of existence. Legends of the Dark Knight focuses on classic, stand-alone tales of Batman by a unique group of talented creators with equally unique stories to tell!


Smallville #8

The hit CW show has ended, but the Smallville story continues! Find out what happens after Clark puts on the costume in this weekly, original digital series!

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