Mark Waid Analyses Thrillbent

Over at Mark Waid’s blog we get some analysis on Thrillbent stats:

Thrillbent has been up about six weeks. Several Forum members, fellow webcomics creators and Twitterers have asked about some of the site stats, so FWIW, here’s what we’ve seen.  This will be dull for most of you but spellbinding to data nerds like myself, trust me.

On average, visitors spend 3 minutes, 10 seconds per visit to Thrillbent. That sounds about right to me. That’ll increase as we increase content.

Sixty-one percent of our traffic is referral traffic. Most of it comes from this site, then from Facebook, then Reddit, then…then…God help me and may He have mercy on your souls…industry cesspool Bleeding Cool. Step up your game, Comics Alliance! You, I like!

Fully half our traffic is viewed at 768 x 1024 resolution (iPads). Another quarter of our visitors view Thrillbent at 320 x 480 (split evenly between Androids and iPhones), and the rest of you are all over the map. One of you tried viewing it at 480 x 266 on what I can only presume is a repurposed Philco television set.

Sixty-four percent of our traffic is from the U.S, 8% from the U.K., 7% from Canada, and then in diminishing order, Brazil (!), Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Mexico. Brazilians love Thrillbent.

Outside of the places on Earth from where no one’s (yet) bothered to look for us, the record for least amount of time spent on our site goes to Bicske, Hungary–one guy swung by for 16 seconds. He wouldn’t last long in Brazil.

Someone explain Brazil to me. This is fascinating.


A couple of interesting points:

  • I’m more of a Bleeding Cool fan myself! 🙂
  • I would have expected more from the UK!
  • Compared to my splits:


USA – 34%

UK – 14%

Canada – 3.48%

China – 2.71%

Brazil is in the top 10 though!

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