Dark Horse Digital Weekend Sale: Crimson Empire

This weekends digital sale from Dark Horse is the three volumes of Crimson Empire:

Star Wars: Crimson Empire #1-#6 Bundle image

Kir Kanos is the last surviving member of the elite Crimson Guard. He’s on the run—and the Empire will stop at nothing to destroy him!

This story features flashback appearances detailing the unknown pasts of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.

Star Wars: Crimson Empire II--Council of Blood #1-#6 Bundle image

Following the death of Carnor Jax in the first Crimson Empire series, the Empire suddenly finds itself devoid of a strong leader. The Interim Council is assembled to manage the affairs of the Empire until a new Emperor can take the throne, yet something is amiss. Assassinations begin to whittle down the numbers of the council, causing panic and suspicion. Increased raids on otherwise “safe” Rebel trade routes arouse concern within the Republic. And just where, exactly, has Kir Kanos gone?

Star Wars: Crimson Empire III—Empire Lost Bundle image

It’s the final showdown between Admiral Pellaeon’s Imperial forces and those of his hard-liner adversaries, with the New Republic joining in the fray!

The outcome could mean peace—or extended war for the galaxy. But will either alternative matter for the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard? Kir Kanos is a man on the edge—a man without a past, and only questions for the future!

• “There’s a reason this series is loved so much and it’s because it’s pretty damn good.”—Comic Bastards

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